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The Bridgemen Performing Arts Organization aims to provide performing arts education through a variety of musical and visual ensembles at low or no cost to performers of a broad range of abilities. BPAO fosters personal and artistic growth through the expectations of excellence at all times. Constituent members will learn and demonstrate teamwork, leadership, and high levels of personal responsibility. All stakeholders in BPAO, including administrative and creative staff, parents, volunteers, drivers or other paid or unpaid associates dedicate themselves to providing a safe, enriching, encouraging atmosphere for members to express their creative energy, achieve individual and group goals, and develop as people in a diverse and inclusive environment.

George Lavelle President george.lavelle@bridgemenpa.org
John Nadrowski Vice-President john.nadrowski@bridgemenpa.org
Liz Ascough Secretary liz.ascough@bridgemenpa.org
Terry Titus Treasurer terry.titus@bridgemenpa.org
Nancy DuCharme    
Mark Giannullo    
Donna Gulino    
Rich Iversen    
Lori Law    
Claire Edmonds Kronenfeld    
Jeff Titus    
Phillip Martin    
TBA Director of Bridgemen Performing Arts Organization  
TBA Business Development Manager  
Lauren Gulino Social Media Manager lauren.gulino@bridgemenpa.org
Lynda Thompson Social Media Assistant  
Tom Pohl Webmaster tom.pohl@bridgemenpa.org
Nancy DuCharme Director of Bridgemen Brass nancy.ducharme@bridgemenpa.org
Rick DuCharme Director of Bridgemen Mini-Corps rick.ducharme@bridgemenpa.org
Rich Iverson Director of Bridgemen Percussion Ensemble rich.iverson@bridgemenpa.org
Brian Law Director of Bridgemen Senior Color Guard brian.law@bridgemenpa.org
Lori Ann Law Director of Double B Indoor Guard loriann.law@bridgemenpa.org